Light Up Lyndale

Light up your lawn and participate in the second annual Light Up Lyndale contest. The Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) will select the best ice luminaries in the neighborhood.

Judges from the Environment Committee will take a walking tour of the neighborhood to survey the sculptures on Jan. 28. There are no other requirements for participation.

LNA offers these instructions for how to create your own luminary: First, fill a bucket or plastic container of any size or shape with water and freeze it.

After it’s mostly solid, you can get creative. Decorate the ice mold with garnishes of your choice. Common frills include berries or leaves, but you can place any kind of small items in your luminary.

Before the water bucket is totally frozen, dump out the center soggy portion to make room for the candle that’ll shine through the ice. Then, flip the bucket upside down, so the ice slips out of it. Running warm water over it may help the edges glide out easily. Set the candle in the groove, and then add it to your steps or terrace.

Awards will be given to the best luminaries and presented in February.