Four men charged, two arrested in 2003 Kingfield murder

Four men have been charged in the 2003 murder of 20-year-old Central neighborhood resident Juwon Ferguson.

Antonio L. Bridges, 30, Derek L. Ethridge, 28, Tony R. Smalls, 35, and Carlos D. Smith, 32, were each charged Dec. 7 with one count of murder in the second degree and drive-by shooting in the June 6, 2003, murder of Ferguson.

Police arrested Smalls Dec. 7 at a residence in Zumbro Falls without incident, and he was booked at the Hennepin County Jail. Smith was also apprehended after police in Hinton, W.V., arrested him on a misdemeanor charge Dec. 8 and learned of the murder warrant for his arrest in Minnesota.

Bridges and Ethridge, the two other men charged, remained at large as of Dec. 12.

Ferguson was shot in the early morning hours of June 6 while parked at the Kingfield Amoco station on the corner of 46th St. and Nicollet Ave. Police believe all four men charged shot at Ferguson from a vehicle, Minneapolis Police Capt. Rich Stanek said. A total of 36 shots were fired, including 19 that hit Ferguson’s vehicle and two that hit Ferguson, according to Stanek.

A fifth individual who is in federal custody and whose name has not been released is also a suspect in the shooting, Stanek said.

Ferguson’s murder was “gang-affiliated,” Stanek said, and is believed to be in retaliation for the murder of Smalls’ brother three days earlier. Stanek said Ferguson was the intended target of the shooting.