Lot at 36th & Nicollet may get new owner

The future of the vacant lot at 3601 Nicollet Ave. remains uncertain, to the consternation of Kingfield and Lyndale neighborhood leaders. The site, which borders the two neighborhoods, was placed on the market three months ago for $795,000.

Current owner Brian Goff of Goff Holdings purchased the site three years ago to develop a single-story, mixed-use building that would feature a drive-thru coffee shop. The city approved Goff’s site plan in December 2002, but the project stalled in the city’s permit-approval process. In June 2004, Goff said he was talking with the neighborhood about a larger development with more housing.

The Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corp. (LNDC) and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) expressed interest in the site – however, neither group can currently afford to purchase the lot.

LNDC and KFNA would like to reach a resolution on the lot because, “Both neighborhood groups see the lot as a gateway into both neighborhoods,” LNDC spokeswoman Melanie Majors said.

Majors, who said the groups have been in touch with Goff, added that no progress has been made beyond discussions because any kind of commitment would require significant fund-raising. She said that LNDC and KFNA would probably try to gauge interest in the site to find out if any community partners might be able to help.

Goff said he had at least one pending offer on the lot and two other interested parties (aside from LNDC and KFNA). He didn’t know when a deal might be struck. He said simply, “We’re looking forward to having a new development on that site in the future.”