Will Whittier log cabin mosey on down the road?

The quaint Log Cabin Flower Shop is a Whittier landmark that, since 1945, has occupied the lot at Franklin & 1st avenues. However, the cute cottage may soon be homeless.

Once the sale of the property closes, Eat Street Flats and Market will begin rising on the site – formerly home to the Pillsbury family tennis courts.

Kristine Stehly, project manager for Bloomington-based Lupe Development, said that she wasn’t sure when the closing date or construction would be, since Ohio-based partner CVS Pharmacy is negotiating the sale. "I’d love to help find a home for this," Stehly said of the log cabin.

The structure has been vacant since last spring, when Whittier resident Linda North closed it. North has owned the cabin since 1978, and the land underneath it.

North declined to comment on the log cabin’s future. Since the land sale’s closing date hasn’t been settled, it’s difficult to know the cabin’s destiny. Stehly said that she’s contacted the Park Board and many other organizations to ask for assistance with moving the log cabin, but still hasn’t found a solution.

One of the groups that she approached is the Whittier Alliance. Marian Biehn, the Alliance’s executive director, said that she and other neighbors hope to save the cabin from being torn down. If North isn’t able to preserve the cabin, then Biehn hopes that someone else will pitch in to save it.

Unfortunately, Whittier has limited space to house the cabin elsewhere, Biehn added. To complicate matters, if another party acquired the cabin, then they would need a concrete slab for the cabin to rest on and then must install plumbing and electricity themselves (aside from providing a location for it).

Nearby, sale of the property that currently houses Parallel Productions, 2010 1st Ave. S. and SuperAmerica, 5 E. Franklin Ave. – also parts of the Eat Street Flats development – also hadn’t closed by the time the Journal went to press.

Biehn said that the log cabin was a Whittier roadside attraction: "It’s a cute building, something that looks unique and unusual and has been around for a long time. The neighborhood needs a fairy godmother to help this organization move it."

Stehly said that if that didn’t work out, she’s open to other solutions. Anyone interested should contact her at 952-888-2001.