Rybak, McLaughlin advance to Nov. 8 mayoral election

Mayor R.T. Rybak and Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin emerged victorious, as expected, from the 12-way mayoral primary election Sept. 13; Rybak had a 9-percentage-point margin over McLaughlin, 44.5 percent to 35.3 percent, according to city returns.

The DFL duo will face each other in the Nov. 8 general election.

McLaughlin has heavy union backing, the kind of organization which should have helped him in a low-turnout primary. On election night, McLaughlin took heart in the incumbent's sub-50-percent finish.

Rybak benefited from the high turnout in Southwest's 13th Ward, which had a hotly contested City Council primary.

Ward 13 voters favored Rybak over McLaughlin by 1,629 votes - more than half the incumbent's 3,032-vote primary-winning margin. Still, Rybak won all but two Southwest precincts, topping 50 percent in many of them.

Farheen Hakeem, the Green Party's first-ever mayoral nominee, surprised many insiders with a strong 14 percent showing. Hakeem won six precincts, including one in Southwest.

The totals for all candidates are listed below; candidates advancing to the general election are in bold:

– R.T. Rybak, 14,766 votes (44.5 percent)

– Peter McLaughlin, 11,734 (35.3 percent)

– Farheen Hakeem, 4,596 (13.8 percent)

– Mark Koscielski, 585 (1.8 percent)

– Don Johnson, 422 (1.3 percent)

– Dick Franson, 269 (0.8 percent)

– Gerald James Savage, 240 (0.7 percent)

– Marcus Harcus, 147 (0.4 percent)

– Tim Nolan, 140 (0.4 percent)

– Gregory A. Brown, 108 (0.3 percent)

– David A. Alvarado, 101 (0.3 percent)

– Gregory Groettum 93 (0.3 percent)