Lyndale Avenue rebuild group needs neighborhood volunteers

The Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction Project is set to start in 2007, but Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman said that more neighborhood participation is still needed.

The project will stretch along Lyndale Avenue from West Lake Street to West 56th Street. Dorfman has met with many neighborhood residents along the route, but her office said more members are needed for a working group on streetscape amenities.

The county's Roadside Enhancement Fund (REF) will help to pay for some streetscape improvements, such as bus shelters, lighting and landscaping. Lyndale Avenue property owners would pay the rest through city assessments.

The road project's financial responsibility is split; Hennepin County will pay 90 percent and the city 10 percent. The total cost is approximately $15.4 million, including the replacement of the Minnehaha Avenue Bridge.

While some Southwest neighborhoods have chosen representatives for the streetscape group, the county still needs people from the East Harriet, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, Kenny and Windom neighborhoods.

For more information or to volunteer, interested parties should contact their neighborhood group (see neighborhood meetings, page 17) or Hennepin County Engineer Guy Nowlan at 763-745-7655.