Dominium hopes to revamp two Whittier buildings

Dominium Development & Acquisition hopes to rehab two Whittier apartment buildings at 333 E. 25th St. and 2738 Stevens Ave. S.

Dominium owns, develops and manages property, which would retain its affordable housing. Dominium Development Associate Justin Parr, who explained the project to the Whittier Alliance Community Issues Committee June 13, said his company wouldn’t move any walls or build additions, but will replace items such as the siding, roof, windows, floors, doors, cabinets, counter tops and light fixtures. Walls will be re-painted while the parking lot, patio and sidewalks will be re-paved. Landscaping will also be redone. Air conditioning will also be installed, Parr said.

After the makeover, rent would remain the same, Dominium officials say, and the same residents would continue to live in the buildings.

Parr asked the Whittier Alliance for a letter of support. The community agreed because the plan would restore the rundown buildings.

The effort is government-subsidized under the Section 42 tax credit program for low-income housing. Renters making less than $31,000 a year would pay 30 percent of their total income, with the government paying the rest.

Dominium will rehab the units one at a time, temporarily moving the current occupant out of the building or into a vacant apartment within the building. If there’s a vacancy when Dominium begins construction, that unit will be rehabbed first – since Dominium doesn’t want to upset the composition of the buildings.

Dominium will give residents six months notice to residents, prior to construction. Sometimes residents object to the changes, but usually they’re satisfied with the results, Parr said.