A new theater for Kingfield?

The local group Theatre Limina, known for performances at Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St., is hoping to find a permanent home in the condo redevelopment planned for 3800 Nicollet Ave., formerly home to the Theisen Vending Company.

For months, the CARAG-based Lander Group and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) have been busy making redevelopment plans for the site. The plans so far include 41 new condos, underground parking and a new ground-level retail space.

It’s that retail space in which the theater group hopes to make their home. East Harriet resident and theater president Matthew Arnold said they’re still in very preliminary talks with Lander about the space. He said no lease has been signed, but they’re excited about the prospect of a permanent location.

On May 25, a few members of the Theatre Limina group presented potential theater plans to neighbors and Lander Group representatives at KFNA’s Redevelopment Committee meeting.

Arnold said the theater would have between 85-100 seats and serve as the neighborhood’s "cultural anchor," with music, movies and lectures in addition to plays.

According to the committee’s draft minutes, some KFNA committee members were concerned about theater parking, but the committee discussed parking partnership with nearby businesses and available mass transit nearby.

KFNA committee members also asked how the theater group would pay rent on a large retail space.

Arnold said that the group has been performing in Minneapolis for seven years and finally has established enough of a following to support a permanent home. He said in addition to relying on ticket sales, the group is also exploring fund-raising options and subletting to other performance groups.

Arnold said, after having met with the neighbors, the next step in the process is for Theatre Limina is to present a business proposal to Lander for consideration.

For more information about Theatre Limina, visit www.theatrelimina.org; for KFNA information, visit www.kingfield.org; and for the Lander Group, visit www.landergroup.com.