Goose still on the loose in CARAG

The CARAG neighborhood group voted down a new neighborhood sign design presented at its May meeting. The design was one of three forwarded by a review group.

A CARAG resident named Phillip Qualy designed the neighborhood’s current sign in the 1970s, sporting a Canada goose, which residents nicknamed Ruthie, after a bag lady who used to roam the area.

The three possible replacements each featured a street bordered by trees, but varied in color – dark green, black and maroon. CARAG staffer Scott Engle said residents picked the maroon version, but a vote to approve it failed.

At previous meetings, some residents said that the tree-lined street designed seemed ominous.

The CARAG neighborhood’s Space, Park, Arts, Culture and Education committee has been working since 2004 to devise a new neighborhood sign and paid a designer $1,500 for the first sign, according to Engle.

The SPACE committee will now consider the design possibilities of another sign though Engle noted it would be an added expense.