East Calhoun/CARAG paper comes together

East Calhoun and CARAG residents working to create a new neighborhood newspaper have made progress, forming a managing board last month.

Neighbors began meeting to devise a plan after the East Calhoun News ceased publication last October due to finances. Since then, the CARAG neighborhood group has published a newsletter.

The paper had served both East Calhoun and CARAG neighborhoods, which stretch between Lake Calhoun’s east shore and Lyndale Avenue South and between the Uptown business epicenter and West 36th Street.

In May, both neighborhood boards appointed three representatives to the new newspaper’s managing board. East Calhoun members include Ralph Knox, Gary Farland and Al Ohme. The CARAG members are Kay Graham, Jill Bode and Anna Matthes.

Mary Ann Knox, ECN’s past sales representative, is working to help organize the group and will train a sales person.

Both neighborhood groups have begun to define their financial roles in the new newspaper. The CARAG board voted to change their bylaws to allow for them to bear primary fiscal responsibility for the paper.

At a recent CARAG meeting, some residents voiced concern that CARAG is to absorb the financial burden, while ECCO doesn’t. CARAG resident David Peterson, who’s been working on the resident newspaper committee, said that the decision was made because CARAG is the larger neighborhood. However, CARAG staffer Scott Engle said if there are financial problems with the paper, the board reserves the right to pull the plug on operations.

East Calhoun representative Farland said the new managing board hopes to publish the first paper by July. A publication name has yet to be determined. He said while the paper will be run through advertising sales and CARAG’s sponsorship, the group will also host a fund-raiser that is yet to be scheduled.