Dueling SAs again topic in Kingfield, East Harriet

For years, SuperAmerica (SA) has sought to close one of its two locations at 40th & Lyndale and expand the other. For years, neighbors in East Harriet and Kingfield have said no.

Now, the company is trying again.

SA hired Caren Dewar, a real estate consultant who lives in Southwest, to work with neighbors on the issue. Dewar said while there are no plans yet, ideally SA would like to close its Kingfield station on 40th & Lyndale’s southeast corner to renovate the East Harriet station on the southwest corner.

SA bought and demolished a house on the lot just south of the East Harriet station for expansion some years ago, but neighborhood opposition has prevented any new construction. To expand, SA needs the lot upzoned to commercial use, which nearby residents must agree to. They have not, so the expansion hasn’t happened.

Since the last discussions three years ago, some residents have moved and Dewar said some neighbors interested in change have recently approached SA.

A first meeting with neighboring residents is scheduled for Monday, June 6. Dewar said the initial meeting is intended to talk generally about what residents want to see happen with the two locations. "We really want to give people a chance to weigh in and be informed," she said.

Bruce Thompson, an East Harriet resident and owner of Triangle Printing, 710 W. 40th St., said he’s interested in consolidation. "The neighbors would be better off with one good" station than two ugly ones, he said.

Following a preliminary meeting to talk with immediate neighbors, Dewar said there would be meetings with both neighborhoods’ committees to talk about specifics.