West 29th Street reconstruction in limbo

In March, the City Council set a public hearing date for this summer's reconstruction and paving of the bumpy West 29th Street. Since then, the hearing has been delayed twice because the Midtown Greenway Coalition's wants more sidewalk, which would narrow the little-used street and turn it into a one-way.

The latest hearing date, at which city staff will make a recommendation on sidewalk feasibility, was moved to May 17 - after the Southwest Journal's deadline.

West 29th Street is an unpaved Southwest street running just south of the Midtown Greenway. Under the plan, blocks - including Lyndale to Bryant, Colfax to Dupont and Emerson to Fremont avenues south - would get new curbs, gutters, driveways, asphalt and storm drains.

Midtown Greenway officials would like the city to narrow the street and add a sidewalk on the greenway side as a better pedestrian buffer. That would require eliminating one lane of traffic - making West 29th Street a one-way.

Project Manager Kelly Moriarity said traffic engineers say drivers need a place to turn around, which is made difficult if the street is a one-way. "There are some space concerns as well as traffic circulation" issues, she added.

There was no recommendation as of the Journal's deadline. However, Moriarty said if the city does not approve the project, it would be delayed.

For more information about the project, visit tinyurl.com/crx7z, which will take you to the right city Web page.