City, Eat Street Flats compromise

The City Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee accepted Lupe Development’s proposal for proposed design plan revisions for the Eat Street Flats and Market, 15 E. Franklin Ave.

The April 21 acceptance came after the city’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) rejected changes to the original design.

Whittier approved Lupe’s initial design July 13. Months later, Lupe sought to substitute some exterior brick with stucco, add exterior air conditioners, balconies and green roof, and expand the windows.

Whittier Alliance Neighborhood Development Manager Marian Biehn said Lupe sought a cheaper design that wasn’t up to the historic standards – required since half of site is in the historic Washburn Fair Oaks district.

Whittier seconded the HPC’s rejection, Biehn said.

Lupe ultimately maintained its brick ratio and cut external air conditioners.

Under the compromise, Lupe will recess the balconies so that they don’t jut out from the building more than 2 feet. Second, on the northwest and east elevations, brick will be the sole featured façade material, not stucco. The south elevation – facing away from Franklin Avenue – will retain stucco.

Lupe Project Manager Kristine Stehly said she’s looking forward to moving on with the development and was enthusiastic about spurring Whittier condo ownership. Lupe hasn’t set condo price points yet, but Stehly assured that rates would be kept affordable. Lupe will begin presales in June and construction this summer.