Burglary alert in Whittier

Crime-Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen issued a crime alert for the Whittier neighborhood May 12, in response to six apartment burglaries in early May.

Whittier’s borders are Lyndale Avenue, I-35W, Franklin Avenue and Lake Street.

Waisanen said that most of the burglaries happened during the day; apartments were entered through first-floor windows. Burglars have stolen cash, jewelry and electronics. Waisanen gave various tips for burglary prevention in her alert. She suggests that residents:


  • Report suspicious behavior by calling 911,



  • Keep doors and windows locked,



  • Rig windows with pins or wood fillers, so they can’t be opened beyond 6 inches,



  • Add deadbolts to doors,



  • Familiarize yourself with neighbors, so you can differentiate suspicious activity,



  • If away, leave a light or the TV on, so it looks like someone’s home, and



  • Start a block club.


For more information on crime prevention, visit www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/police/outreach/ or call Waisanen at 673-2815.