An artsy bridge over I-35W? They’re working on it

The King Bridge Partnership, made up of volunteers on either side of I-35W near 40th Street, held two public meetings in March to brainstorm about new pedestrian/bike bridge spanning the highway.

The group hopes a new bridge would better connect Southwest’s Kingfield neighborhood and the Bryant neighborhood just east of I-35W. Another goal is to improve access to the 40th Street RiverLake Greenway, a bikeway that will extend from Lake Harriet to the Mississippi River by 2008. (The portion west of I-35W is complete.)

Kingfield resident Mark Hinds led the meetings, and a small crowd discussed what the bridge should look like and how it could improve the community.

At one meeting, residents talked about improving safety, as well as making the design artistically significant and a sort of a "gateway" to the city.

Hinds said the group would continue to gather public input and devise events to raise awareness, such as a RiverLake Greenway parade in late July. Hines said the group will talk to political leaders about funding.

For more information or to submit ideas for the bridge design, contact Hinds at or call 870-9272.