Look over there: city apartment inspectors seek your tips

The City's Department of Regulatory Services launched a strategy Jan. 2 to inspect every rental property in the city in the next five years - and want tips from residents about where to look first.

The city's Housing Inspection Services will inspect all one-to-three-unit rental buildings, and the Fire Department is inspecting all four-or-more-unit buildings. Their focus is on the safety and livability of rental units.

The city plans to have all 16,800 rental properties inspected by 2010.

If you know of a unit that needs priority inspection, contact Southwest Inspections Supervisor Jack Allison at 673-5852. Residents can e-mail lists of rental properties needing attention to [email protected].mn.us, or mail them to:

Housing Inspection Services, 250 S. 4th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415

All general property complaints, including things such as garbage, boarded-up buildings, uncut grass - should be directed to the customer service staff at 673-5858.