Fulton seeks NRP spending changes

Fulton residents get a chance to weigh in on the Fulton Neighborhood Association (FNA) plan to reallocate unspent monies at a Wednesday, Feb. 9 meeting.

FNA is proposing to shift $128,290 of Phase I Neighborhood Revitilization Program funds into new strategies.

FNA would reallocate these amounts:

– $104,909 from Home Improvement Revolving Loans

– $9,080 from Fulton School Technology Lab

– $11,079 from Southwest High School programs

– $1,000 from the Creative Learning Program

– $1,000 from Youth Reading Program

– $1,034 from Junior Great Books

– $188 from Junior Achievement

The money would go to:

– Education Initiatives, $23,381. This spending strategy helps fund projects at Lake Harriet School, 4912 Vincent Ave. S. and Southwest Community Education, including tutoring and youth recreation.

– Implementation Coordinator and Support Funding, $104,909, for a neighborhood coordinator to plan and implement projects and provide administrative oversight, as well as for FNA bookkeeping assistance.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Pershing Park, 3523 W. 48th St.