Whittier, Kingfield and East Harriet parents can make extra school choice

Most families with kids entering kindergarten can make two selections on their Minneapolis Public School choice cards, but some Southwesterners can make three – even if the cards don’t list a third option.

Parents in the Kingfield, East Harriet and Whittier neighborhoods have no designated school to which their child is guaranteed admission. To compensate, the district gives families in these "open areas" a third choice – as long as they pick one magnet and two community schools.

District Student Placement Official Jackie Turner said parents can simply write in a third choice below the line for "Second School Request."

The district only prints one version of the card, and didn’t add a "Third School Request" line because most parents only have two options and might mistakenly list a third, Turner said.

She added that almost all families get their first or second choices, so the third choice is rarely used.

All of Whittier is an open area for the first time because Whittier Community School for the Arts is becoming a magnet school this fall.

The choice cards are due by Feb. 28 to the Student Placement Center, 910 W. Broadway Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55411. If you did not receive one and you have a child who will turn 5 by Sept. 1, call 668-1840 or download the form at www.k12.mn.us.