Residents hoping to resurrect the East Calhoun News

The East Calhoun News, a monthly Uptown newspaper, ceased publication in October, but a group of residents are working to bring it back to life in some form. They’re hoping to publish again in March.

East Calhoun resident and group member Gary Farland said the paper’s finances were "really screwed up" after a former editor took over the paper’s accounting.

He said the residents have been working to fix the finances and investigating how other small neighborhood papers exist. The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) and

the CARAG neighborhood group subsidize the paper, which has had an independent board.

The paper covered both neighborhoods, which stretch between Lake Calhoun’s east shore to Lyndale Avenue and between the Uptown business district to West 36th Street. In the paper’s absence, the CARAG neighborhood has been publishing a newsletter.

In an informal proposal to the CARAG board at its December meeting, Farland said the group wants to create a 501 (c4), having ECCO and CARAG funding the paper. He said their members could then make up the paper’s board. Farland said the group is also considering a name change for the paper, to make a "legal break" from the past.

While some CARAG residents were leery of a board-funded paper, others voiced support for a neighborhood publication. "The paper is extremely important for the neighborhood identity," said CARAG board member Howard Verson.

The board voted to support the residents’ efforts. Farland said he’d return to the board in February with an update on their progress.