Kingfield pedestrian lighting project a go

Kingfield Neighborhood Association representatives say they have received enough petition signatures to add new pedestrian lighting on Nicollet Avenue between 36th and 40th streets.

The project will add nine new streetlights and complete the neighborhood’s stretch of Nicollet. Streetlights between 40th and 46th streets have already been installed.

As with the first phase of the lighting project, KFNA would pay for 78 percent of the lighting – up to $224,000 total – using neighborhood NRP funds. Property owners would pay the remainder through special assessments, which KFNA estimates on their web site at $10 to $15 per 100 feet of Nicollet and intersection block frontage.

The city had stalled completion of the project for four years because of a moratorium to develop a citywide street-lighting policy. The city is still finalizing the policy but told KFNA representatives last spring that because their project had started so long ago, they were not restricted by the moratorium.

KFNA staffer Sarah Linnes-Robinson said she’s verifying the signatures now and hopes the city can start on the work as soon as possible. For more information about the project, visit