Suburban World back in business

The historic Suburban World Theater, empty since May 2002, is finally showing signs of life.

At the November CARAG neighborhood meeting, Southwest property owner Don Driggs, who purchased the 3022 Hennepin Ave. S. building last year, said theater events are planned. He hopes to schedule more arts and music events and resurrect the Saturday morning cartoon shows at the theater.

Driggs, a Southwest property owner, paid $625,000 for the Suburban World, according to city property-tax records. He said it took him a few years to complete the sale because the site was involved in a bankruptcy and foreclosure. He added that much time has been spent cleaning the long-vacant theater.

Driggs said he would soon have more information for the community about his plans. Residents at the CARAG meeting thanked Driggs for his work and for doing something with the space.