Crime alert issued for Wedge, Whittier, Stevens Square

Crime-Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen issued a crime alert Dec. 2 for the Wedge, Whittier and Stevens Square neighborhoods due to thefts from cars.

Waisanen wrote that since Nov. 23, there have been 15 reported thefts in the area; most occurred between 5 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Waisanen said stolen items include purses, cell phones, computers, CDs and car stereos. She said in most thefts, the passenger window was broken and items taken were visible from outside the car. No suspect information is available.

In the alert, Waisanen suggests residents:

– Refrain from leaving valuables in their cars.

– Do not leave holiday package visible place in the car; put them in the trunk before reaching a parking spot.

– Use a garage if possible, making sure the garage door closes properly.

– Park in well-lit, visible areas.

– Recognize suspicious behavior, such as breaking glass, and report it by calling 911.