Uncertain future for East Calhoun News

The East Calhoun News, a monthly Uptown newspaper, did not publish as usual in October. The paper has an independent board but is subsidized by the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) and the CARAG neighborhood groups.

The paper covers both neighborhoods, which stretch from Lake Calhoun’s east bank to Lyndale Avenue and from the Uptown business district to West 36th Street.

CARAG neighborhood staffer Scott Engle said slow ads sales caused the publication suspension. He also the CARAG board decided not to allocate money to the paper next year and is instead considering publishing its own newsletter.

East Calhoun News board representative, Ralph Knox said they’re meeting to discuss the paper’s uncertain future and hope to have a publication up and running within a few months. However, Knox noted that the board has a lot of work to do.