Police chase features gun battle, Bryn Mawr crash

On Monday, Oct. 25 at 5 p.m., a shooting occurred at 19th & Portland Avenue, sparking a police chase through downtown early the next morning with officers under fire. Three suspects were later apprehended in Bryn Mawr.

Police Communications Specialist Officer Ron Reier said police were given a description and license number of the van allegedly involved in the crime. An officer in a squad car spotted the van just before 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 26 on the corner of 1st Avenue North & 7th Street, near the Target Center.

Reier said the officer began following the van, initiating a pursuit through downtown on LaSalle Avenue and then on to Grant Street. A van passenger allegedly opened fire on the squad car, he said, but no one was hurt.

Reier said after the downtown pursuit, the squad car pursued the van onto I-394 West. He said the shooter tossed a gun from the car, but officers were able to recover the weapons and casings from the shots fired.

The van exited the highway at Penn Avenue and took a left onto Mountain View Drive in Bryn Mawr, ending the chase in someone’s front yard. Again, no one was hurt.

Reier said the three suspects in the van tried to flee, but officers apprehended them. No names were available at press time.

The shooting victim was a black male who was shot in the arm, Reier said. The man’s injuries were not life-threatening.