Kingfield public housing project delayed

The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) had planned to break ground on a 23 W. 38th St. redevelopment project in late October, but soil conditions have delayed the project indefinitely.

Project Manager Jerry Welf said the agency had planned to finish construction on the public-housing duplex by December. However, engineers found the soil is unsuitable for a traditional footing due to too much granular fill, necessitating a deeper dig.

Although the dig’s cost is uncertain, Welf said the agency didn’t budget for it and would approach a special engineering foundation for some help. Welf said MPHA would also approach the Neighborhood Revitalization Program board to see if they can get supplemental funding.

MPHA purchased the lot from the city for $1 in Spring 2003, with plans to build a public housing duplex. The Kingfield Neighborhood Association board later approved the agency’s duplex design and provided a letter of support.

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