City asks residents to see the light(s)

The city of Minneapolis Public Works Department has created a self-guided "lighting tour" seeking public feedback on various streetlight styles that encourage walking.

In recent years, a number of neighborhoods initiated pedestrian lighting projects, prompting the City Council to create uniform guidelines. The feedback will help the Council craft those guidelines.

The lighting tour includes a dozen residential and commercial areas, with varying numbers of lights and fixtures, including acorn, wood pole, lantern, shoebox and various mixtures.

The tour locations are: the 2700 block of Columbus Avenue (six acorn); the 2800 block of Columbus (three wood pole); the 4300 block of Freemont Avenue South (seven lantern); the 600 block of Hennepin Avenue South (14 acorn).

The 2600 block of Hennepin (24 lantern); the 1300 block of Nicollet Avenue South (12 shoebox and lantern); the 4300 block of Nicollet (10 lantern); the 300 block of Park Avenue South (eight shoebox).

The 300 block of 2nd Street South (16 acorn); the 2200 block of Central Avenue (14 shoebox and lantern); and the 800 block of Washington Avenue North (15 shoebox and lantern.)

A Public Works feedback form asks many questions, including whether the amount of light is appropriate for the area, if the lights sufficiently illuminate the sidewalk and streets, and whether the lights creates a sense of safety.

Tour information, the feedback forms and the lighting policy are available online at

Respondents are asked to mail comments to Bev Warmka, 350 S. 5th St., Room 233, Minneapolis, MN 55415, or fax them to 673-2149. Warmka can also be reached at 673-2411, or [email protected]

Comments on the self-guided lighting tour, as well as the city's draft lighting policy, are due Oct. 31.