Kingfield housing initiative meeting is Sept. 23

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) will host a public meeting on a plan to develop more housing along Nicollet Avenue Thursday, Sept. 23, 7 p.m. at Martin Luther King Park, West 41st Street & Nicollet.

KFNA received a grant from the Center for Neighborhoods, a Wedge-based nonprofit, for the Corridor Housing Initiative, intended to add affordable housing on Nicollet. The grant offers technical assistance to find sites, resources and developers.

Project Coordinator Liz Gibson-Gasset said the purpose of the public meeting is for KFNA to keep the neighborhood informed about the project and to ask people what types of development they’d like to see.

Gibson-Gasset said the project’s goal is to create a master plan for neighborhood development and coordinate affordable housing developments along Nicollet. For more information, visit