Isles parkway to close in late September

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will close a portion of Lake of the Isles Parkway for up to three weeks as part of ongoing lake restoration work.

According to a Park Board news release:

The Park Board will close the parkway between Franklin and Sheridan avenues weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., beginning as early as Monday, Sept. 20, to accommodate wrong-way truck traffic.

A detour will reroute Lake of the Isles Parkway drivers west along Franklin Avenue, south along Penn Avenue South, west on West 21st Street, south on Thomas Avenue South and West 22nd Street, then east on West 24th Street to Sheridan Avenue, which reconnects with the parkway.

Contractors have filled in low areas around the west bay above the 100-year flood plain to fix chronic flooding problems. To prevent ongoing settling that created the low spots, contractors piled more soil than necessary to pack the underlying and unstable peat soils, simulating 50 years of settling.

The compression work is complete, and trucks will haul the excess soil from the west bay to the west side of the lake's north arm to repeat the process.

Trucks will drive clockwise from the west bay to the north arm -- against the parkway's one-way counterclockwise flow. It required closing the parkway to other traffic.

Residents have called the Park Board to ask about standing water in the west bay construction site. It occurred because of uneven settling of the underlying soils, which created low pockets.

After workers remove the compression layer, they will grade the site to send storm water to the lake. They will seed the area with a temporary grass cover to minimize dust and mud.

West bay work will continue next spring, including shoreline stabilization, path improvements and more detailed landscaping. The Park Board expects to finish the new west bay pedestrian path next summer. Until then, the bike path in that area will continue to serve as a combined path for walkers and cyclists.

East Lake of the Isles Parkway will remain open to normal traffic during construction.

Questions? Call the project hotline at 313-7712.