Teacher realignment: where are they now?

Who'd have thought going into the summer that there would be a bigger Minneapolis Public School controversy than closing schools?

Somehow, teacher realignment stole the headlines. Declining enrollment and state funding that did not keep pace with rising costs forced the Minneapolis district to lay off more than 600 teachers and staff. To ensure that the most senior teachers kept their jobs, the district "realigned" its faculty -- meaning about 150 teaches found themselves in new schools, or teaching new subjects, beginning Sept. 1. Because many laid-off teachers taught special education, several surviving teachers with the appropriate licenses were "realigned" into that specialty.

Thinking that Southwest families would like to know where the teachers they expected to see in '04-'05 are now, we present a list of where -- and what -- they'll be teaching instead.

(The list, compiled by the school district, does not include teaches who were laid off.)