Neighbors float ideas for polluted Lyndale lots

Residents of the Lyndale neighborhood met July 28 to reach a consensus on what should be done with the two abandoned lots at 3445 1st Ave. S.

Representatives from the Lyndale Neighborhood Development Association (LNDC), the city and the tax-forfeited property’s owner, Hennepin County, asked attendees several questions about what development they prefer.

The consensus was that the site should have two to four owner-occupied units with three bedrooms each, aimed at first-time homebuyers who already live in Lyndale and have children.

In 1997, the city tore down an eight-unit residential building at the site, which a county-hired contractor improperly filled with polluted soil that included arsenic-laced ash. The county has pledged to clean up the polluted site before it is sold but must know what will be built there to determine how much remediation is needed.

Jeff Strand, the county’s supervisor of tax-forfeited property, said, "Our intent is to work with neighborhood residents to craft recommendations."

LNDC’s Housing Committee will consider the recommended development objectives when they issue a Request For Proposals. LNDC Executive Director Cara Letofsky hopes to have a developer chosen in time for the neighborhood’s October monthly meeting. Developers who support those objectives will be the ones LNDC recommends to the county.

The expected sale price of the lots is about $75,000.