Some 55409 zip codes to become 55419

These days, area codes change constantly, but zip codes remain fixed — unless you live in parts of Kingfield in Tangletown.

On July 1, homes and businesses between 44th and 50th streets and Penn and Portland avenues will switch from 55409 to 55419. The 3,619 addresses have received mail notification, according to postal officials.

Jim Ahlgren, customer relations coordinator for the Minneapolis Post Office, said mail for the area currently goes to the 110 E. 31st St. station before going to the 55419 station at 5500 Nicollet Ave. for local delivery.

Changing the zip code will eliminate one step because that mail will now go directly to the Nicollet station.

The new 55419 zip code area is 44th Street on the north, the Crosstown Highway to the south, Penn Avenue to the west and Portland Avenue to the east. Ahlgren, who has worked for the postal service for 30 years, said it is the first time he remembers zip codes changing in Minneapolis.

Magazines and businesses that mail invoices — such as credit card companies, utilities and mortgage companies — will automatically change customer zip codes since they are required by law to do an address check every six months. However, those affected must notify friends and family, and change their checks and stationery.

Mail with the old zip code will be forwarded for up to a year.