Lyndale neighborhood groups pick board members

The Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) held its annual meeting June 28 to elect new board members for LNA and the Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corp. (LNDC).

LNA board members who were re-elected and will serve as officers were Ray Caron (reelected president), Holly Reckel (vice-president) and Steve Larson (secretary). Other returning members are Jeanie Cunningham, Mike Melstad, Linda Alton, Howard Kroll and Stuart Skrien. Josh Bassais and Shannon Banishoraka are new board members.

Markus Silpala was reelected to the LNDC board; Ray Neset, Tesfi Tekle, Melanie Ueland, Owen King and Eric Hofstad were elected for the first time. That group joins incumbents Eve Zamora, Allan Scott and Sara Goettsch, who were not up for reelection.

LNA’s membership also voted to change its fiscal year from June 1-May 31 to a calendar year. The organization’s accountant recommended the change to conform with the group’s audit year.