Key sound-insulation vote scheduled for July 19

A definitive vote on a proposed noise-insulation program around Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport could occur Monday, July 19.

That’s when the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) could decide to implement its Noise Oversight Committee’s proposal to offer the full sound-mitigation package to residents living between the 62 and 65 DNL (day-night noise level) on the MAC’s noise-contour map. That would include a handful of Tangletown homeowners near I-35W north of Diamond Lake Road.

The full package includes new windows, doors, air-conditioning and insulation. MAC estimates the average cost of the full noise-mitigation package is $45,000 per house.

Homeowners living between the 60 and 62 DNL contours — including some Windom, Tangletown, Lynnhurst and Kingfield residents — would get a significantly smaller package: up to $13,500 for central air-conditioning or other noise-mitigation enhancements.

The vote was originally scheduled for the MAC’s May meeting but has been delayed twice.

The MAC meeting is at 1 p.m. in the commission chambers on the Lindbergh Terminal’s mezzanine level.