Historic Lowry Hill home saved

Plans for a controversial Lowry Hill housing development have been temporarily withdrawn, but developer Bruce Singer says he’ll resubmit them soon.

In December, Singer presented plans to the Lowry Hill neighborhood group to demolish the historic Cashman House, 57 Groveland Terrace, and build 12 duplex-like homes. Some neighborhood group members were locked out of the meeting, sparking concerns that opposition to the plan was being quashed.

Singer said when he resubmits the plans by June 30, they’ll be reworked to allow the Cashman House to stand.

Said Singer, "We had a lot of neighborhood input and talking to [City Councilmember] Lisa Goodman, and we decided finally it would be easier to leave [the Cashman House standing]."

He said the new plans might include modifications to make the new houses more visually compatible with the Cashman. The historic mansion was designed and built in 1914 by architect Louis Long, whose family designed that entire block of Groveland.