City toughens, expands financial disclosure

At its April 30 meeting, the City Council expanded the number of city employees who must file statements of economic interest from 20 to 86.

The statement -- available to the public in the city's elections office -- requires officials to list sources of income, stocks and mutual funds valued at more than $2,500, Minnesota real property except their homestead, and pari-mutuel horseracing interests. It does not require officials to list the dollar value of their assets.

For instance, Mayor R.T. Rybak's 2003 statement disclosed investments in the 519 Ariel Appreciation Fund, the Payne Weber Equity Growth Fund, Medtronic stock and the UBS technical allocation fund. (Staff returned his 2004 statements because he included too much information -- his securities' dollar values.)

A city Ethics Code Task Force recommended the Council expand the number of employees required to file financial statements because many below the department-head level have authority to make significant public-spending recommendations.

Economic interest statements are due April 1 of each year. Susanne Griffin, assistant city clerk in charge of elections, said the newly covered employees have until early July to file.

The Council passed an expanded ethics code in early 2003 that added spouses and domestic partners to the financial disclosure requirements, Griffin said.

Starting this year, people must also report certain loan information.

Councilmember Lisa Goodman (7th Ward) has telephone and other stocks, as well as eight acres in Kandiyohi County and a unit at Grant Park condominiums, 500 E. Grant St.

Councilmember Robert Lilligren (8th Ward) listed property at 2900, 2908, 2916, 2924, 2928, 2919 and 2929 3rd Ave. S.

Councilmember Dean Zimmermann (6th Ward) listed no securities or real estate investments. Councilmember Dan Niziolek (10th Ward) and his wife have no investments other than a "homesteaded rental" property.

The old code required economic interest statements from the city assessor, city attorney, city coordinator, city clerk, finance officer, city engineer, health commissioner, planning director, fire chief, police chief, budget director, assistant city coordinators, treasury division director, Convention Center general manager, and board of estimate and taxation employees.

The newly covered positions and their current officeholders are:

– The assessor's director of real estate assessment (Valerie Thompson); and assessment services manager (Scott Lindquist).

– Deputy city attorneys in the civil division (vacant) and criminal division (Dana Banwer); and the city attorney's manager of administration (vacant).

– The Business Information Services' three directors of information technology services (Roger Downey, William Beck and one vacant position).

– Two assistant city clerks (Steven Ristuben and Susanne Griffin).

– The Convention Center's director of event services (Eric Hart) and director of facility services (Christopher Larson).

– The civil rights director (Jayne Khalifa is appointed but not confirmed) and deputy director (Linda White).

– The director of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) (Lee Sheehy); CPED deputy director (Chuck Lutz); CPED housing director (Lee Pao Xiong); CPED strategic partnerships director (Mike Christenson); and CPED director of economic policy and development (vacant).

– Finance Department director of management and budget (Heather Johnson); director of managerial accounting and budget/controller (Charles Elliott); purchasing director (Gary T. Warnberg); director of risk and claims management (Ellen Velasco-Thompson); director of development finance (Jack Kryst).

– Assistant fire chief (Ulysses Seal) and deputy chiefs (James Clack, Scott Craigie and Walter Lee).

– Health Department director of community initiatives (Ken Dahl); planning and administration director (Elizabeth McIntosh); policy and advocacy director (Patricia Bowler); research and assesment director (Patricia Harrison); and public health initiatives director (Gretchen Musicant).

– Human Resources Department director of employee services (Timothy Giles); director of employee services (George Caldwell, Sr.); and director of enterprise services (Ilena Lonetti).

– The Mayor's deputy (David Fey); executive assistant (Kristi Jamieson); and policy aids (Erik Takeshida, Laura Sether, Peter Wagenius, Kinshasha Kambui and Douglas Gardner).

– Emergency Communications Center deputy director (Thomas Donohoe).

– Police Department deputy chiefs (Sharon Lubinski, Lucy Gerold and one frozen position.)

– Public Works deputy director (vacant); director of winter operations (Michael Kennedy); field services director (Paul Ogren); administration director (Gertrude Moloney); management support director (Richard Smith); solid waste director (Susan Young); superintendent of equipment services (Rao Prabhaker); director of property and equipment services (Steven Kotke); traffic services director (vacant) and water works director (Adam Kramer); engineering and planning services director (vacant).

– Regulatory Services director of licensing and consumer services (James Moncur); inspections director (Merwyn Larson) and deputy directors (Clara Schmidt-Gonzales, William Anderson, Ellen Dosdall, Connie Fournier and JoAnn Velde).