Robbery alert in CARAG and Lyndale

Community Crime Prevention/SAFE officers issued a robbery alert March 25 for the CARAG and Lyndale neighborhoods from Lake Street to 36th Street and I-35W to Hennepin Avenue. Six robberies had occurred in the area in the previous week.

Most of the robberies occurred in the evening where suspects approached victims from behind and knocked them to the ground in the course of the robbery. The suspects are listed as black males between the ages of 16 and 20.

A handgun was allegedly used in one of the incidents and physical force used in others. Money, cell phones, purses and wallets were among stolen items.

The alert recommends residents keep aware of their surroundings, and if they feel they’re being followed go immediately to a public place and call 911.

The police also urge people to report suspicious behavior such as unfamiliar people loitering or cutting through yards and alleys. Police also suggest using the buddy system if you go out and carry fewer valuables. They also say you should comply with a robber’s demands if one should strike.

For additional tips, call CCP/SAFE Officer Catherine Casey at 673-2823 or Crime-Prevention Specialist Karen Abrahamson at 673-2824.