City council actions

4/30/04 meeting

Linden Hills: Council voted 12-0 to approve a $1 million forgivable loan from the Affordable Housing Trust "Seed Money" Program to the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority for the Linden Hills Townhome Project, 3824 W. 44th St.

NRP: Council voted 12-0 to oppose the NRP Policy Board’s proposed legislative changes to the NRP law relating to contract administration and implementation activities.

Fire personnel: Council voted 12-0 to approve a Fire Department countywide mutual aid agreement with the Hennepin County Chiefs Association.

50th Street: Council voted 12-0 to authorize an agreement with Hennepin County to convert West 50th Street into a three-lane road from Lyndale to France Avenue South and to sealcoat it.

Bike trail: Council voted 12-0 to accept $50,000 from the state to the Ewing Bicycle Trail (connecting France Avenue to the Cedar Lake Trail) and to maintain the trail for 20 years.

Ethics: The Council voted 13-0 to approve an expanded list of city employees required to file a statement of economic interest, part of the city’s ethics code overhaul.

Park Board: Council voted 13-0 to approve an agreement to carry Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board meetings on the city’s cable channel and Web cast.

Whittier condo: Council voted 13-0 to rezone 2848 Pleasant Ave. S. and 2825 Grand Ave. S. to permit a 58-unit condo. It approved an alley vacation. It reversed Planning Commission decisions, which had denied variances for a wider sidewalk and gates.

Whittier rezone: Council voted 13-0 to rezone 2605 2nd Ave. S. to permit a contractor’s office.

Zoning enforcement: Gary Schiff (9th Ward) introduced a measure to transfer zoning enforcement from the director of inspections to the zoning administrator. It was referred to the Zoning and Planning Committee he chairs.

Loitering: Don Samuels (3rd Ward) introduced an ordinance to expressly prohibit loitering with the intent to solicit illegal narcotic sales, distribution, purchase or possession; to prohibit loitering in motor vehicles; and to acknowledge a prosecutor’s authority to request geographic restrictions. It was referred to the Public Safety and Regulatory Services Committee.

City Council actions

4/16/04 meeting

Absent: None.

Airport: Council voted 13-0 to support the residential noise mitigation plan approved by the MSP Noise Oversight Committee.

Creek: Council voted 13-0 to support the creation of the Minnehaha Creek Partnership, in conjunction with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and other governments, to create a common vision for the creek corridor.

Linden Hills rezone: Council voted 11-2 to deny a Michael Lander petition to rezone 4251 Vincent Ave. S. to allow a second dwelling and other improvements. Dan Niziolek (10th Ward) and Dean Zimmermann (6th Ward) voted no.

CRA: Natalie Johnson Lee (5th Ward) introduced an ordinance to increase the Civilian Review Authority from seven to 11 members and make other changes. It was referred to the Health and Human Services Committee.

Zeno: Council voted to refer back to committee a sidewalk caf/ license request from Zeno Coffee & Dessert Bar, 2919 Hennepin Ave. S.

Casey’s: Council voted 12-0 to approve a wine and strong beer license to Casey’s Bar & Grill, 3510 Nicollet Ave. S., with conditions. Scott Benson (11th Ward) abstained.

Defibrillators: Council voted 12-0 to approve a contract with Cardiac Sciences, Inc., wherein the city gets 32 new defibrillators and shares profits from local sales in return for a product endorsement and literature drop. Zimmermann abstained.

Van White Blvd.: Council voted 13-0 to approve a county cost-sharing plan for Van White Memorial Boulevard, a north-south connector from Heritage Park in the near- North, through the Bryn Mawr neighborhood to Dunwoody Boulevard. It also approved a Request for Proposals for design and engineering for the project’s Bassett Creek Valley section.

Storlie: Council voted 13-0 to retain outside counsel for Jardine, Logan & O’Brien to represent Police Officer Charles Storlie in a lawsuit brought by Officer Duy Ngo, who was shot by Storlie while Ngo was working undercover.

Trees: Council voted 13-0 to appoint Lorrie Stromme as Council representative to the Minneapolis Tree Advisory Commission and Gay Noble as the alternate. Stromme is aide to Paul Ostrow (1st Ward) and Noble is aide to Niziolek.


City Council actions

3/19/04 meeting

Absent: Don Samuels (3rd Ward) and Sandy Colvin Roy (12th Ward)

Smoke detectors: Council voted 11-0 to amend the housing maintenance code, requiring smoke detectors near all sleeping rooms and on every level of a dwelling. Smoke detectors near a kitchen must have a silencing switch.

Kenwood Tower: Council voted 11-0 to negotiate a lease agreement with T-Mobile USA for installing a cellular telephone antennae on the Kenwood Water Tower.

Boulevard: Council voted 11-0 to extend the completion date for the Boulevard Project, 5320 Lyndale Ave. S. The project needs to have building permits and start construction by April 1 and finish site plan improvements by May 1, 2005.

Salary cap: Council referred to the Executive Committee a proposal to authorize the City Coordinator to seek state salary cap exceptions for certain appointed positions when the salary disparity between Minneapolis and peer cities exceeds 10 percent.

311: Council voted 11-0 to negotiate a contract with Motorola to begin Phase 1 of the 311 system, an addition to 911 for non-emergency service calls.

Urban Village: Council voted 11-0 to grant an appeal by Ross Fefercorn for his housing development in Lowry Hill East, allowing pergolas.

Security barriers: Council voted to refer back to the Zoning and Planning Committee a proposal to prohibit nonresidential buildings from using exterior security barriers on the street-facing side of the structure.

Flashing signs: Council vote 11-0 to approve a zoning code change that would allow large museums to apply for flashing sign variances. It will allow the new Walker Art Center to apply for a variance for a scrolling information sign for its new museum.