City Council actions

2/13/04 meeting

Absent: Barbara Johnson (4th Ward)

Community Engagement: Council voted 8-3 to designate the Communications Department as the permanent home for the civic engagement function. Paul Zerby (2nd Ward), Robert Lilligren (8th ward) and Gary Schiff (9th Ward) voted no. Council voted 10-0 to require departments to added community engagement and communications as part of their business plans.

Richfield Road: Council voted 12-0 adopt cost estimate of $2.7 million for the reconstruction of Richfield Road on the southeast shore of Lake Calhoun and to give notice of a public hearing.

Lamb reappointed: Council voted 12-0 to reappoint Kathleen Lamb to the Minneapolis Public Library Board.

Gross reappointed: Council voted 12-0 to reappoint Monica Gross to the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

Condo fees: Council voted 12-0 to repeal city registration fees on townhome and condo associations. Lisa Goodman (7th Ward) said the city could get the information it needed from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

Tonic of Uptown: Council voted 11-0 to grant an on-sale liquor license with Sunday sales and a tobacco dealer license, subject to conditions, to Tonic of Uptown, 1402 W. Lake St. Scott Benson (11th Ward) abstained.

Spin Cycle: Council voted to postpone a vote on a laundry license for Spin Cycle Coin Laundry, 2937 Dupont Ave. S.

Midland TAC: Council voted 12-0 to approve Technical Advisory Committee recommendations to fine Midland Heating and Air Conditioning, 6422 Penn Ave. S., $450 for working in the city without a license, doing work without a permit and for failing to call for an inspection.

Growlers: Council voted 12-0 to create a "Growler" ordinance, authorizing local brew pubs to sell 64-ounce beer jugs off-sale. (The ordinance allows places such as Herkimer’s, 2922 Lyndale Ave. S., to sell growlers.)

Wine redefined: Council voted 12-0 to redefine the wine definition from 14 percent alcohol by volume to 24 percent alcohol by volume. (The Legislature changed the definition, and the city followed suit. It covers some wines, such as saki, which exceeds 14 percent.)

Expansion OK: Council voted 12-0 to approve the site plan for an 1,085-square-foot addition for Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2201 Hennepin Ave. S. The Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association had opposed it on several grounds. Council added extra requirements for windows.

Rezoning: Council voted 12-0 to rezone property in the Urban Village development, 811 W. 28th St., 2808 Aldrich Ave. S. and 2813 Bryant Ave. S., to allow a planned unit development.

Ballpark: Council voted 11-1 to approve an agreement regarding the sale of the Rapid Park Property for a baseball park among the city, land partners II Limited Partnership and Minikahda Ministorage IV Limited Partnership. Paul Zerby (2nd Ward) voted no.

Housing corridors: Council voted 12-0 to guidelines and criteria for multifamily housing developments on or near community, commercial and transit corridors.

Honors: Council voted to honor John Bergquist for 30 years of service to the city and housing advocate Charlie Warner.

2/27/04 meeting

Caf/ Bicko: Council voted 11-1 to deny Caf/ Bicko, 4501 France Ave. S. its application to upgrade its wine and beer license to a liquor license with Sunday sales. Dan Niziolek (10th Ward) voted against the denial. Scott Benson (11th Ward) abstained.

Planet Beach: Council voted to grant a sun tanning facility license to S&M Group, doing business as Planet Beach, 1221 W. Lake St.

MIA parking: Council voted 13-0 to grant a six-month extension for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts parking study.

Garage variance: Council voted 13-0 to grant Thomas O’Brien, 4657 Aldrich Ave. S., a garage variance, reversing a Board of Adjustment decision.

Pensions: Council voted 13-0 to direct the Finance Department to work with the city’s three closed pension funds to reduce the city’s financial obligation.

Sentencing guidelines: Council postponed a vote on a policy statement opposing sentence reductions for drug offenders.

Meth: Council voted 13-0 to support a legislative proposal to toughen penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine, increasing the maximum first-offense penalty from three to 10 years, and setting a two-year minimum sentence.

Urban Forest: Council voted 12-1 to adopt an urban forest policy. Barret Lane (13th Ward) voted no.

Twins: Council voted 13-0 to add to its 2004 legislative agenda support for "community ownership legislation" for the Minnesota Twins.