Precinct caucuses to be held March 2

Minnesota's precinct caucuses, wherein individual political parties begin the process of nominating candidates for the fall elections, are set for Tuesday, March 2 at 7 p.m.

Each party has its own caucus locations. You can get location information by phone or the Internet.

Hennepin County's election Web site has a caucus locator. You type in your address, and it gives you options to click on the DFL, GOP, Green and Independence party locations. Go to

Party contact information is:

  • DFL -- 651-293-1200

  • Green -- 871-4585 (office hours Tu, Th 4-8 p.m.)

  • Independence -- 651-487-9700

  • Republican -- 651-222-0022

    This year, presidential nominations should dominate the proceedings. There are no U.S. Senate, governor, or state Senate races in Minnesota this year. State representative seats are up for grabs.

    Also, DFL delegates elected this year in Minneapolis will not automatically be delegates who decide 2005 city-race endorsements. A 2001 Minneapolis DFL policy mandates city-only 2005 caucuses to pick those delegates.