Police send graffiti upsurge alert

Spurred by increasing graffiti complaints in the last two months, Southwest Crime-Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen sent an alert reminding the community that the city doesn’t enforce graffiti removal until April because of the cold weather — meaning there is no inspections enforcement done until then.

However, Waisanen said that graffiti applied in the cold usually doesn’t get enough time to set, so it could be scrubbed-off. She said several neighborhood organizations have volunteers and graffiti-removal products available.

Waisanen covers the 5th Police Precinct’s Sector 1, which includes Cedar-Isles-Dean, Kenwood, East Isles, Lowry Hill, Lowry Hill East, Stevens Square-Loring Heights and Whittier.

Waisanen also suggested residents call 911 if they witness people loitering by buildings or applying graffiti. For more graffiti information, visit www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us or e-mail Waisanen at jennifer.waisanen@ci.minneapolis.mn.us.