A Southwest connection to the Dru Sjodin case

There’s a sad Southwest connection to the disappearance of Dru Sjodin, the 22-year-old girl who was last seen at a Grand Forks, N.D. mall on Nov. 22: her father, Allan Sjodin, lives in the Kingfield neighborhood on the 3800 block of Pleasant Ave. S.

Since Dru Sjodin’s apparent abduction, Allan Sjodin’s neighbors have kept a watch on his home while he’s been away searching. His neighbor, Lisa Rudy, even traveled to Grand Forks to help thousands of volunteers in the search for Dru Sjodin when she first went missing.

Rudy also helped at home.

She said Sjodin’s neighbors wanted to show support, so she gathered pink ribbon donated from Southwest floral shops and adorned trees on his block Rudy said the ribbons represent support in the search for Dru and to let Allan Sjodin know that people care. "He’s a wonderful man," Rudy said.

Steve Jevning, another neighbor, said Allan Sjodin is a great guy who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years.

Jevning said Kingfield neighbors and business owners are trying to put together a fund-raiser for the search.

According to the family’s Web site, www.finddru.com, a bank account has been set up at TCF to accept donations for the Benefit Fund for Dru Sjodin. Donations are accepted at any TCF Bank.

Additional donations for the Sjodin family can be sent to: City of Pequot Lakes Sandy Peine, clerk Attn: Dru Sjodin Fund Box 361 Pequot Lakes, MN 56472-0361

Anyone with information about her disappearance should call the Grand Forks Emergency Operations Center at (701)-780-8213.