Bogus Nazis in Stevens Square

If you see Nazi flags and banners flying over Stevens Square’s Van Dusen Mansion Sunday-Monday, Sept. 7-8, don’t freak out.

Independent filmmaker Steve Elbert of New Century Pictures is shooting a trailer for a work-in-progress called "Time Portal," a time-travel science fiction movie. The plot line is that a bad guy time traveler from the past becomes president and travels back to nab Hitler — just before he commits suicide — so Hitler can help him take over the world.

The movie includes a good guy time traveler who will try to thwart the plot.

"We have approached other businesses, but they don’t want us to put the swastika on the side of their building," Elbert said, noting the Van Dusen owners had been accommodating. "We are not promoting Hitler or his regime, but showing him in his true evilness."

Crews will shoot interior and exterior scenes at the Van Dusen, 1900 LaSalle Ave. S. Viewers will see a shot of Hitler in his bunker with the voiceover saying: "Who would you save if you had the power to travel through time?"

Elbert manages conferences and events for American Express and does video production. He has written the 165-page script over the past five years. He is trying to raise $6.5 million to $10 million to produce it — an admittedly substantial amount for an independent film.

The trailer will cost a more modest $8,000, he said. He will begin meeting with investors in November to pitch the film with his trailer.

"This is my first project," he said. "It has been my passion for years."