You can get answers to your lawn, garden questions on U of M Web site

Jarvis recommends checking the bulletin board before submitting a question, since there is a good chance the question and its answer are already on the bulletin board. The search mechanism can help with this process. To browse posted questions, go to

Master Gardeners from throughout Minnesota help with the site. Master Gardeners are volunteers trained by the U of M Yard and Garden Clinic staff and other U of M Extension faculty.

You can also use the telephone to get answers to questions on gardening, lawn and plant care and insects from the Yard and Garden Line. You can request a return call from a Master Gardener volunteer in your county at no charge. Or, you can speak directly with an expert to get answers to your questions between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays. Call 624-4771 in the metro area or (888) 624-4771 from outside the metro area. There is a $5 fee, which can be billed to a major credit card.