What to bring to the county drop-off site

For your safety and the safety of employees, please transport household hazardous waste in sealed containers, upright in a plastic lined box. Make sure all containers are five gallons or less in size, and properly labeled with the contents.

  • Recyclables -- cardboard, glass bottles, metal cans, mixed paper/magazines/boxboard, newspaper, phone books, plastic bottles and scrap metal. No charge.

  • Problem materials -- mercury items, electronic goods, household batteries, rechargeable or cordless appliances. No charge

  • Consumer electronics -- televisions, VCRs, camcorders, telephones, computers, stereo equipment, etc. Fax machines and photocopiers are not accepted at our drop-off facilities. No charge.

  • Household hazardous waste -- acids, cleaners, solvents, sealers, gas, insecticides, motor oil and lead-acid batteries, paint, poisons, wood finishes. No charge.

  • Tires -- with or without a rim. $3 each.

  • Brush -- $14 per cubic yard/$14 minimum.

  • Air conditioners and refrigerators --

    If the unit's fuel source is liquid propane or natural gas, an appointment is required to drop it off. Call 348-3RRR (3777). Camper refrigerators are $15 each, air conditioners and all other refrigerators are $30 each.

    If the unit is powered by electricity, you may bring the unit in without an appointment for $15 each.

    Some camper/RV refrigerators can use both electricity and gas as their fuel source. If you have a camper appliance and are at all unsure about the type of your air conditioner or refrigerator, please call first, 348-3RRR (3777), to determine if an appointment is necessary.

  • Other appliances -- washers, dryers, hot water heaters, garbage disposals, trash compactors, ranges/stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers, furnaces, microwave ovens, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, and heat pumps are accepted without an appointment. $15 each.

    For more information, call 348-3RRR (3777) or go to http://www.co.hennepin.mn.us.

    Source: www.co.hennepin.mn.us