Rybak: Promises, promises

Although neighborhood empowerment was a salient issue in R.T. Rybak's campaign for mayor, he is now engaged in promoting a "more unified public involvement program," according to his representative, David Fey, as reported in the Aug. 7-20 Southwest Journal.

What that apparently means is reining in the clout of neighborhoods empowered by the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP), since the mayor has given, at best, only lukewarm support to continuing NRP as an effective voice for neighborhoods. Thanks to [13th Ward Councilmember] Barret Lane's ordinance, it seems that NRP may survive, though with less funding than it had in its first phase.

Just how crippled NRP will be may depend on Mayor Rybak's new plan for citizen participation, released Aug. 14. It seems there is more than one thing the mayor has failed to deliver on since his election. Remember 24-hour snow removal?

Is this a case of promises, promises? (And then a failure to deliver?)