Kingfield holds meeting about affordable housing projects

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) will host a public meeting on three — or perhaps four — new housing projects Sept. 29, 7 p.m. at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Park center, 41st Street and Nicollet Avenue.

Because KFNA seeks funds for each project from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program Affordable Housing Reserve Fund, it must get community input. City rules require 30-day notice for the meeting.

One project is at 23 W. 38th St. The Minneapolis Public Housing Authority owns the lot and is working with the KFNA to build a public-housing duplex.

Another project is at 3700 Stevens Ave., where Habitat for Humanity and the KFNA want to build an affordably priced home.

A third project is being done through Project for Pride in Living. They own a duplex on 3822 Stevens Ave. and want tear it down to build affordable housing.

The KFNA board is also considering helping redevelop a boarded-up house at 3618 1st Ave. S. Hennepin County owns the house and is working to rehabilitate it. KFNA is debating if it wants to partner with the Minneapolis Community Development Agency, which could potentially buy the house and help make it affordable.

For more information about the projects or the meeting, contact the KFNA office at 823-5980.