New SAFE officer in SW

Following the reorganization of the police SAFE teams within the 5th precinct, Pat Behrend, a police supervisor, was originally scheduled to take the Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS) position in Sector Two, which serves the West Calhoun, ECCO, CARAG, Lyndale, Linden Hills, East Harriet and Kingfield neighborhoods. Behrend, however, took a job within another city department, so the Sector Two CPS slot has been filled by Karen Abrahamson instead.

In a letter to residents, Abrahamson said she has worked as a CPS in the 2nd precinct in Northeast for the past five years and was originally laid off in SAFE team cuts, and was glad to be called back to work in the 5th precinct.

To reach her regarding crime-prevention issues, call 673-2824.