Tougher than naming the baby: CARAG still looking for moniker

How would you like to live in a neighborhood called Diversity? Uptown East? Those are two of the names now on the idea board drawn up by a committee reviewing a possible CARAG neighborhood name change.

The committee held its second meeting April 15 and plans to report to the board in August, said Chair Aaron Rubenstein. It is working on a list of criteria a new neighborhood name should meet . The meetings are the second Monday of each month, 7 p.m. at Gigi’s Cafe, 822 W. 36th St.

CARAG’s boundaries are Lake and West 36th streets and Hennepin and Lyndale avenues. The name is an acronym for now-defunct Calhoun Area Residents Group.

Resident Dean J. Seal got the ball rolling when he proposed changing the neighborhood name to Wellstone. That proposal is now on the back burner because of uncertainty about whether the late Sen. Paul Wellstone’s family supports the idea.

Other new neighborhood names floated by the committee are: Lakewood, Calhoun Park, Calhoun Area, Urban Home Town, Urban Village, Uptown East, Crossroads, Lyn-Lake, Urban Forest, Bryant Square (for the neighborhood’s park), Remington (for an early neighborhood developer whose name is on the deeds of many neighborhood properties), Louis Menage (another local developer), Emerson (for author Ralph Waldo Emerson), Meridel (for author Meridel LeSueur), Sullivan (for architect Louis Sullivan), and Coltrane (for musician John Coltrane).

The neighborhood would vote on the name change at its September annual meeting. Those interested in getting involved should call Rubenstein at 823-6393.