Six people named "Kenny Treasures"

The Kenny Neighborhood Association recently honored six residents nominated by their neighbors as "Kenny Treasures." KNA president Dan Quirk said the winners reflected the criteria of being good neighbors and making Kenny a good place to live.

Board member Colleen Sauber said all six are long-time neighborhood residents, for a combined 188 years. Residents were honored with certificates, kind words and presented with a small bag of Nestle Treasures chocolates.

Kenny Treasures Vic and Mary Erdmann have lived in the neighborhood for 46 years and have both been active in the community. Sauber said Vic Erdmann puts out "Recycle" reminders in his block and Mary Erdmann volunteers at the Walker Southview Senior Center, 3737 Bryant Ave. S., assisting in Catholic church services and communion.

Kenny Treasure Don Evenson has lived in the neighborhood for 32 years and was honored for his generosity. Sauber said Evenson often helps out neighbors with a snow blower after a storm and always offers his tools and advice helping neighbors with home or yard projects.

Roger Gillette, another Kenny Treasure, has lived in Kenny for 22 years and was honored for his help in distributing the Kenny Neighborhood Newsletter to libraries and schools. Sauber said Gillette also delivers Meals on Wheels to senior residents and helps walk a neighboring dog for an older neighbor. She said neighbors also mentioned their appreciation for Gillette’s annual Christmas light display.

Kenny Treasure Hazel Iwen has been a Kenny resident for 43 years. Sauber said she is an avid volunteer at Mount Olivet Church, 5025 Knox Ave. S., helping with funeral lunches and holiday dinner. Sauber said Iwen is well known as a master cook of lutefisk and rice pudding. She said Iwen also plays the piano at the Mount Olivet Home, 5517 Lyndale Ave. S., for birthdays and checks up on her elderly neighbor; Iwen helps the neighbor stay in her home by helping with grocery shopping.

Bernice Trautman is another Kenny treasure who has been in the neighborhood for 45 years. Sauber said Trautman volunteers at a nursing home and has served on the KNA board, the Washburn Parent Teacher Association and been a volunteer at the Veterans hospital, food shelves and Mount Olivet Church.