Lyndale students help sick kids

Members of the Lyndale Community School student council, 3333 Grand Ave. S., handed a Children’s Hospital representative a check for $1,000 April 23 to help pay for teddy bears for hospitalized children.

The 20-member student council raised the money through an athletic fundraiser, receiving pledges for running a mile and other events.

Eight-year-old 2nd-grader Iman Mohamed earned pledges from family, neighbors and teachers by jumping rope for five minutes. She said she raised the funds "to help the sick kids at the hospital feel better."

Principal Ossie Brooks James said the idea came in the mail, and she handed it to Assistant Principal Sherri Faiad as a way for Lyndale children to give to other children.

"These children are so often the recipients of donations," Brooks James said. "They need to know that we also can give to the community at large, and I thought this was one way they could do that."

Lyndale’s student donation went to the Teddy Bear Challenge — a hospital program that gives a teddy bear to a child for every $25 raised. A portion of the $25 also goes to the hospital’s Child Life program, which helps children and families cope during their hospital stay.